UBIOES-DM : Biostatistics and data management unit

Sergi Sanz
The Biostatistics and Data Management Unit (UBIOES-GD) began its journey in 1994 with the goal of providing support in the field of data to the research groups at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and its collaborators.

Currently, the mission of UBIOES-GD is to offer advice, services, and training to meet the data management and statistical analysis needs of biomedical, clinical, or environmental research projects.

This support covers the entire data lifecycle, including data creation, management, analysis, preservation, and sharing, with the aim of transforming collected information into knowledge.

To meet all these needs, UBIOES-GD is composed of data managers and data analysts who enable the Unit to offer the following set of services:


1. Data management

Design and organization of data

  • Advice and support in implementing data collection and management procedures for research projects, selecting the most appropriate tools and systems for each case, and study design
  • We offer extensive knowledge of different data capture and management tools and systems (EDC systems: Electronic Data Capture), including REDCap, LibreClinica, OpenClinica, KoboToolBox, ODK
  • Design of databases, applications, and/or adaptations needed to meet specific data requirements for the project
  • Data import from other databases or migrations from other systems
  • Establishment of data collection tools and protocols (guided by GCDMP: Good Clinical Data Management Practices) and EDC system security
  • Support, documentation, and training for different user profiles of data
  • Creation, review, and refinement of data management plans (DMPs)

Data Processing

  • Preparation of periodic reports on data entry progress
  • Data quality control and monitoring
  • Dashboards and summary data reports
  • Definition of data monitoring procedures and support in their implementation
  • Custom data exports
  • Secure project and data closure

2. Data curation and publication

  • Standardization and homogenization of data sets
  • Adaptation of data to FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)
  • Publication of data in the CORA repository or other Dataverse-based repositories

3. Data Analysis

Advisory service

  • Sample size calculation
  • Statistical design of the research project
  • Statistical methodology drafting for grant applications
  • Drafting and revision of statistical methodology for journal publications
  • Occasional statistical methodology advice
  • Drafting of the statistical analysis plan for a research project (SAP)
  • Randomization of participants in a clinical trial into study groups

Statistical analysis

  • Descriptive data analysis
  • Statistical modeling of data
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Data visualization

Data monitoring and safety (DSMB)

  • Generation of statistical assessment reports for clinical trials
  • Management of adverse event data collection
  • Independent statistical advice for the safety group (DSMB)
  • Blind or open statistical analysis by the safety group (DSMB)

4. Training

  • Short courses (less than 4 hours):
    • Basic statistics with Stata
    • Linear regression with Stata
    • Logistic regression with Stata
    • Data management with Excel (Excel is not a data management tool)
    • Basic concepts of data management in research and the data lifecycle
  • Basic statistics course (part of the UB / ISGlobal Global Health Master’s program)


  • Data capture and management applications: REDCap, LibreClinica, OpenClinica, KoboToolBox, ODK
  • Dashboard and reporting applications: R Shiny, R Markdown, Google Data Studio
  • Statistical software: Stata, Stata MP, R, PASS
  • Application development: PHP, Python, Java, R Shiny
  •  Databases: MySQL, Ms Access, Google Big Query, MongoDB
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) procedures and design of other data extraction pipelines


Cap d'Unitat. Analista de dades sènior. Professor associat UB
Sergi Sanz | sergi.sanz@isglobal.org | 9322754002790 | ORCID
Coordinadora gestió de dades. Gestora de dades sènior
Susana Méndez | susana.mendez@isglobal.org | 9322754002790 | ORCID
Analista de dades sènior
Llorenç Quintó | llorenc.quinto@isglobal.org | 9322754002790 | ORCID
Gestor de dades
Marc Bañuls | marc.banuls@isglobal.org | 9322754002790 | ORCID
Analista de dades. Professor associat UB
Alba Morató | alba.morato@isglobal.org | 9322754002790 | ORCID
Analista de dades
Núria Botella | nuria.botella@isglobal.org | 9322754002790 | ORCID
Gestor de dades
Adrian Carrascosa | adrian.carrascosa@isglobal.org | 9322754002790 | ORCID
Analista de dades
Ariadna Ortiga | ariadna.ortiga@isglobal.org | 9322754002790 | ORCID


Title: CaDMIA i CaDMIA+: Validació de l'Autòpsia Mínimament Invasiva (AMI) com a eina per a la investigació de les causes de mortalitat en països en desenvolupament
Funding Organism: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2013-2015 and 2016-2018)
Status: Finished
Title: The Mamah Project
Funding Organism: EU-European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)
Status: Executing
Title: BOHEMIA: Ivermectin for Malaria
Funding Organism: Unitaid (WHO)
Status: Executing
Title: TIPTOP: Transforming Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Optimal Pregnancy
Funding Organism: Unitaid (WHO)
Status: Executing
Title: ICARIA: Improving Care through Azithromycin Research for Infants in Africa
Funding Organism: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; "la Caixa" Banking Foundation
Status: Executing
Title: MULTIPLY: MULTIple doses of IPTi Proposal: a Lifesaving high Yield intervention
Funding Organism: EU-European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)
Status: Executing
Title: ChagasLAMP: Field validation of Trypanosoma cruzi-LAMP: a molecular point-of-care test for the control of congenital Chagas disease
Funding Organism: Global Health Innovative Fund (GHIT)
Status: Executing
Title: TESEO: New chemotherapy regimens and biomarkers for Chagas Disease
Funding Organism: U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Status: Executing
Title: MIBio: Identification of Prematurity and Pre-Eclampsia as Causes of Mortality
Funding Organism: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Status: Finished
Title: MA-CoV: Maternal health and Covid-19
Funding Organism: EU-European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)
Status: Finished
Title: SEROCOV: Seroprevalence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 among health care workers in a large Spanish reference hospital
Funding Organism: Gencat
Status: Executing
Title: MESA-Track: A living database which captures research projects and institutions’ portfolios in malaria elimination and eradication
Funding Organism: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Status: Executing


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  • Education and knowledge generation system
  • Industrial system
  • Socio-sanitary system


    • Biostatistics
    • Health information systems


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Access Procedures:
Open. Contact Sergi Sanz to request a service and ask for a quotation.


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