Geographic information system (GIS)

Dr Mark Niewenhuijsen
Processing and analysis of geographic data: Analysis of proximity and accessibility indices (for example to green and blue spaces); individual exposure to environmental factors, such as air pollution or noise; analysis of the relationships between urban design and physical activity, walkability, and many others. We have developed tools in Python to, for example, analyze smartphone GPS data or to automatically geocode a large number of addresses. We can process large volumes of data efficiently.


1. Management and processing of large volumnes of data
2. Analysis
  • Accessibility
  • Exposure to environmental factors, such as air pollution of noise
  • Characteristics of the built environment
  • Characteristics of the natural environment
  • Smart City
  • Geocoding (converting postal addresses into geographic coordinates to integrate them into the GIS analysis)
4.GIS training: from basic to advanced level (from using QGIS to GIS programming in R or Python)


We work with open source software (PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Python, R).


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Staff Scientist, Coordinator
Antònia Valentín | | ORCID


Funding Organism: H2020 EU
Status: Executing
Title: ATHLETE - The Exposome: From Evidence to Translation
Funding Organism: H2020 EU
Status: Executing
Title: EQUAL LIFE - Studying the exposome for healthier future for all children
Funding Organism: H2020 EU
Status: Executing


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  • Education and knowledge generation system
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  • Socio-sanitary system


  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Health information systems
  • Information Systems


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