New generation sequencing for HIV genotyping

Tests include genotypic antiretroviral resistance determination in reverse transcriptase, protease and integrase as well as genotypic HIV tropism testing. Resistance is usually determined from plasma, but can also be determined from PBMCs or low-viral- load plasma (ultracentrifugation) for patient with low viral loads or with non-evaluable results. The service, launched in 1999, was designated a reference centre for antiretroviral resistance testing by the Catalan Health Service in 2002. It also participates in research projects and clinical trials with other institutions and pharmaceutical compani


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Teresa Puig | | 934656374 ext 223 | ORCID | PRC Page
Tècnica de laboratori
Cristina Ramirez | | 934656374


Comparison of the LiPA HIV-1 RT test, selective PCR and direct solid phase sequencing for the detection of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations.
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