Preparation and conservation laboratory

The ICP has a team of conservator-restorer technicians who have participated in the work of about forty archaeological and paleontological sites, for which they have restored and prepared their materials, as well as have made reproductions for research and exhibitions. and other outreach activities. It is from the Department of Preparation and Conservation of our center that several specialized workshops have been promoted and that they summon the expert community in these techniques. The ICP currently has two conservation-restoration laboratories, one located in the ICP Museum in Sabadell and the largest supporting the ICP research team on the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. These facilities are currently one of the largest and most equipped laboratories in Spain.


Preparation, conservation and restoration of sites and collections

From the site to the warehouse or exhibition there are many details to consider and the difficulties to overcome to get the most out of each location or each piece. Whether it is excavations or collections in museums, universities and other research centers, or individuals, a comprehensive management of this heritage is important to ensure its research, conservation and dissemination. From the ICP we offer services ranging from expert advice to the execution of work on sites, in the laboratory or in museums and other institutions with collections

Works on the site
  • Extraction, packaging and transport of fossils and other remains
  • On-site conservation-restoration treatments
  • Preventive conservation: structures and preservation
At the lab
  • Preparation, conservation and restoration of paleontological and archaeological remains
  • Preparation, conservation and restoration of Natural History collections: taxidermies and preparation of current specimens
Preventive conservation of collections
  • Exhibition supports for complex remains
  • Preventive maintenance and conservation of exhibitions and collections
  • Packaging and storage systems for collections
  • Transfer of collections
Replicas and molds

Handling or exposing the original remains, always unique and in many exceptional cases, is a luxury that must be protected. That is why making molds and three-dimensional copies of fossils and other remains is an essential task, both from the point of view of research and conservation and dissemination. The ICP offers specialized services for the recreation and reconstruction of specimens, total or partial reproduction of sites or to ensure the optimal transfer of remains and the safeguarding of other information that can be extracted from a site.

In situ reproduction
  • Vertical work, in a cave or in any other location
  • Reproductions of plant imprints and ichnites
  • Site recreations
Reproduction in the laboratory:
  • Recreations of specimens with copies of the original fragments
  • Reconstructions with copies for specimen assemblies
  • Making molds and copies of micropaleontology and microscopy studies
  • Endocranial molds, which also allow the inner study of the skull
  • Making molds and three-dimensional copies for research and dissemination
  • High-resolution reproduction for microfauna studies and electron microscopy studies

You will soon be able to consult our online catalog of fossil reproductions and get a copy of the fossil you like best.


The area has the necessary materials and equipment to make custom packaging for objects / samples with special characteristics, adapted to the needs of transport or storage and equipped with protective elements, shock absorbers and insulation.
At a more specific level, the area has the following facilities:

  • Microprojected abrasive booth.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems.
  • Pneumatic micropercussion systems.


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